The Power of Sunshine

Vitamin D is essential for people to stay healthy. Everyone relies on sunshine. And beyond physical well-being, it also keeps people happy.

What compares to natural light filtering through a window? Or the feeling of sun on bare skin after winter?

People are very strongly influenced by our surroundings. If we are surrounded by stress, we may grow to feel stress of our own. If there is laughter, we laugh. Sunshine can’t help but brighten the day – it is in its nature to shine, and in ours to absorb the light.

But the sun can also cause pain. If exposed for too long, people get burned, suffering from too much of a good thing.

Even in beauty, there must be balance. The human condition is delicate, and easily influenced. Though we are stubborn creatures, we are not infallible (unfortunately). We must embrace the light and warmth that we can, understanding that at any moment everything could change, and accepting that the change may be good or bad.

So in the meantime – in the present – one must turn their face to the light, recognizing that Spring won’t last forever.

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