Coffee Shop #1: The Bardo Coffee House

Bardo, located in Denver, Colorado, is a truly inspiring coffee shop. Tucked between faded brick businesses on Broadway, it is a place that could easily be missed if you aren’t looking for it.

Inside, the building is small and verging on crowded, with little tables tucked in across from a high counter, among posters for concerts and events. The posters seem to be layered on top of each other – they are a collage of the past that acts as a sort of shrine to memory; it is never taken down.

For a late night coffee fix this place is ideal: open until 1 AM Sunday through Thursday and 3 AM on Friday and Saturdays. Even at odd hours, this coffee shop stays busy (as the best ones do). Behind the large glass windows a tiny world constantly exists. An eclectic mix of students on laptops and groups playing games litter the small tables. A little back room, darker than the front, has a couch for more casual enjoyment of coffee, tea, and assorted sweet treats.

While perhaps not the “perfect” coffee shop, Bardo has character. Its small size keeps the atmosphere saturated with life. It is intimate, but alive, and just loud enough to create a space in which you can enjoy a conversation over a hot mug of happiness at all hours.

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