I feel like I am thrumming. The energy cannot find its way out of my body fast enough. Blink, bounce, tap, sway – no expulsion is thorough enough to bring me back down to Earth.

There is so much to do, and I could do all of it right this second if I could just get out of this room.

I am rested and happy and fueled by a smile and the way the coffee tastes in the morning.

Maybe it is the midnight milkshake still coursing in me, or maybe the sunshine, or something else altogether. I can’t pin it down just as nothing can pin me down.


I dare you.

It cannot be done – I am floating, flying, running at a pace that would shake the ground (if only I could get out of this room).

The future is just an idea and the past doesn’t exist – it is all in my head. Right now there is only right now, but right now I am not a person but rather the idea of a person – a mass of elements that is buzzing together so I look  like a person, but I feel like a billion tiny vibrating energies. Out of them wants to come shapes and colors. Words. More words. They need out now. They have to find their way down the highway of my arm: brain to fingers, racing without regard to the rules of the bloodstream. If they get a ticket… no. They will outrun it. I will outrun it.

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