#3: Yura on Madison


I love the show Mad Men. I love the drama of it. I love the way the characters are so real and so complex that you find yourself rooting for the good guy who may also be not such a good guy. I love the art of the advertisements and the complexities of that world. I love the way New York assumes its own character within the story line of the show. (I don’t love the subjugation and objectification of women, but that’s another story.)

Madison Avenue is quintessentially Mad Men. Even on  a part of the street that I know not to be the right district, I still cannot help but feel a little bit bad ass at the thought of it. At the power of it.

Yura on Madison – a tiny bakery turned cafe – sits on Madison, bustling with life in the morning. It is full of school girls getting their almost-adult coffee drinks while still wearing their uniforms. It’s full of business people popping in and out on their way to and from real life. Full of tourists planning out the order in which they will tackle Museum Mile. Full of life and full of moments.

It is a tiny microcosm within the city, but a very representative sample. Within its little universe there exist people coming and going, with only the experience of the coffee shop to link their lives. It is busy. It isn’t too loud, but it definitely isn’t quiet. It has delicious baked goods and larger plates for those interested in staying a while; and of course there is good coffee which keeps everyone running.

In a city filled with coffee shops, it’s another a little pit stop along a fast and crowded track on which everyone runs. But regardless of if it’s just a short stop or a place to sit and people watch for a while, it’s a sweet little taste of the city.


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