Reconciling Emotionality

People are deeply emotional. We are capable of so many feelings, and of feeling them so deeply and completely that we let them fill us up.

This can have polarizing effects.

On the one hand, we can be angry. We are capable of so much hate and hurt and violence and destruction with our words and actions. We can shatter and injure and kill. We are capable of taking lives.

We are capable of changing lives.

Not just for the worse, but also for the better. We can create. We can smile and laugh until it bubbles around contagiously. we are able to love so fully that we are fueled by it. We are capable of creating lives.

We have all of this power: to spread hate or give love; to promote fear or share joy. How do we reconcile those extremes on the human emotional spectrum?

I don’t know.

But the world needs more love. Always more, but especially in the wake of recent events. So we have to figure out how to tip the scale to the side of love.

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