Home is a rather abstract concept which humans have literalized. We label a place on places as “home”. Often it is a house, or somewhere we feel a sense of belonging and community. But home is not so clear cut – it is more than just a mat outside a door saying “Welcome”.

Home it isn’t necessarily a place. Home is a feeling: it is complete comfort, an exact match of fitting in. Home is not just passive contentment, but rather active gratitude. Home is happiness, but more than that – home is love.

So yes it can be a place – the place where you climb into bed at the end of the day. Bit it also be an object – a favorite book whose pages never fail to comfort. It can be a person – that one who makes you feel authentic, the one who makes everything better.

And home can change. It can grow. New homes can be created, as additions or sometimes replacements. The hard part sometimes is recognizing that your heart has a new keeper – whether it be one featuring a front door with a cheery welcome mat, or something not characterized by four walls.

Regardless, home is where the heart is.

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