Who were you a year ago?

Who were you a year ago?

Could you have imagined then being where you are now? Did you prophesy all of the beautiful things you would see, and all of the feelings you have felt? Did you guess at how many times you cry, or how much hurt you would endure – how much you would overcome?

How has the world around you changed? How has that impacted you? You are the rock who has become polished and has grown smooth with every ripple that has touched it.

You are 365 more sunrises. You are countless bear hugs later, and an addition of a great many more “thank you”. You are tougher-shouldered, haven given someone a place to land; and ore sure-footed as every day you learn how to walk in this great big world.

Who were you a year ago?

A year younger, a year fewer of experiences – not a year less, just a year fewer.

Now you are should-have-knowns and just-wait-to-sees. You can identify your growth.

And yet… One year later  you still cannot see what will happen next. You are blind to the changes and advances and adventures that await you just as you were a year ago to what was ahead.

But still, despite your lack of certainty, you rush on, chasing who you’ll be a year from now.

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