Lingering in the Liminal

Every so often people experience moments in their lives that are pivotal. It is often only in looking backward that we are able to recognize these instances – the seconds that bridge before and after, the exact breath of realization, the time something clicks, or when it falls apart.

These are liminal moments – almost-instantaneous times when change occurs. They are the second the water goes from simmer to boil, the first brush of skin in a handshake, the exhale of an “I love you”, the shift of weight, the spark of an idea… Liminal.

Sometimes you are able to see those shifts. Sometimes you notice the way the light morphs from gold to blue at dusk. Sometimes you catch the glance. Sometimes you sense the feeling bubbling up.

And then – in a split second turned infinite – you can grasp the liminal. You can pick out the single grain of sand from the hourglass and hold it and examine it and treasure it before, in the blink of an eye, it has passed.

So if you ever find yourself in one such lucid liminal moment, linger there.

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