Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel the way the air rushes into your body, willingly supporting you. Breathe in and feel the rise of your shoulders, the way your chest expands to make room for oxygen to fill the space next to your heart, the push of your stomach. Breathe out and be aware of the opposite process of your amazing body – your stomach and chest and shoulders all retracting to expel bused breath from inside of you.

You open and close and with each moment – open, inviting oxygen; closed, pulsing, only to open again.

As you inhale again feel how big you are. Notice your body – from toe to crown, open and welcoming and full of glorious life. Feel yourself relax into the shape of you, and the way you fit as a puzzle piece into the Universe.

Exhale and feel your stomach press toward your back. Release your breath and one by one let go of every stress you carry. They are cracking and breaking as you inhale, and they go tumbling off of you as you exhale. You feel your bigness and you let yourself be as you are, where you are.

Inside of you there is a heart that is only the size of your fist. It is small and fleshy – made of you – and it powers your stunning self – you are the thing that keeps you going. That stubborn, strong little organ runs all the blood through your veins, even when it is hurting, even when it is elated, even when it is exhausted, even when it is full of love.

Notice your pulse. This is a tiny metronome in you that keeps your puzzle piece body and soul in time to the music of the Universe.

Listen. This stillness of your being is the deep place inside you: your secret hideout. Here there is only breath and energy and love.

And still your body opens and closes. You are a conduit for energy. You are an infinite vessel to be filled endlessly with love and wonder. Inside of you that fist sized heart works and your lungs greet and excuse oxygen. Your body is still but for the expansion and contraction of your torso. Notice that feeling again. Return from that deep place inside you – through your pulse and breath and back into your big, full body.

You occupy this space beautifully. This puzzle piece is one in which no one else can fit.

Open your eyes and breathe deeply.



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