Reviving the Playground

As children, playgrounds are magical portals. They may be a pirate ship, a lava flow, a castle, a jungle. They are devices for creativity and action, fostering play and going beyond, becoming a springboard for imagination.

As children age, playgrounds change. We forget how to turn wood chips into choppy seas, unless in the presence of someone young enough to believe in their own mental magic. Then we are transported back as a cycle of imagination inspiring imagination occurs.

Creativity is a force which ebbs and flows over time, and lets us turn our worlds into more beautiful and enchanting spaces. The trick is to remember what it was like to pilot that spaceship, or to be frozen in the pebbles-turned-arctic-waters and allow the world around us to be a playground again. Or – better yet – to not only allow that perspective, but to embark on a treasure hunt and seek it out ourselves.

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