Chasing Sunsets

In front of me the sun slowly draws herself down from the sky. As she goes, she leaves a trail of pink – igniting the sky in a final neon blaze. The clouds blush at her insistence, at the way she so pointedly asks them to notice her departure. They shine pink, orange, golden – fading back to normal as her withdrawal into the dark distances her from them.

From my window the sky beckons. With its glorious orange and pink and blue it dares me to stay seated.

From pink to orange and all at once behind the next building, I am running out of time to catch the sky in its fullest form. I pull shoes on and flick off the light as I go, hurrying to the best vantage point. I walk, jog, rush my way to my to the hill. Already the color is dwindling – I am only seeing the final chiffon train, not the gown in all its glory.

I descend. Down to the Hidden Place, where my favorite bench awaits me like a promise. The sky glows now. No longer is it a bonfire; only the last stubborn embers remain suspended over me. Colors without names paint the sky and reflect in the pond at my feet. There is no mixture of pigments for that shade of grey-blue-memory. That particular orange-white-hush cannot be confined to a photograph. These are the spirits of colors, laughing as they wave goodnight to the day in the whoosh of a cloud.

Beside me a tree clicks as it settles, or responds to some creature it houses. Beneath me the grass loses its green. In front of me the water moves. There is no breeze, nor raindrops, but the surface of the pond breaks every so often at the movement of things below. The water creates the illusion of a second, impressionistic world, reflecting the wavy silhouettes trees and the toned-down colors of this reality.

Above me, still the fading.

I wait and watch as the process slows, the final emptying like the last drips of water out of a bottle – pouring so quickly, then refusing to give itself up altogether.

Once the performance is over I walk home. There is no rush this time.

Have you ever held out your hands and felt the light in the air that surrounds you?

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