Shared Strength

Strength is not a pillar. It is not one large, imposing figure made of marble. It does not stand firmly and stand alone. It does not succumb to the threat of being toppled. Rather, strength is a web; it is a network. It is made of lines which spread to connect and connect and connect at joins throughout the whole structure. The web, sticky and taut and far-reaching, is almost invisible.

Almost. But not quite.

So when one line tears, when it can no longer hold itself together and it breaks, the rest of the web holds it up. Strength has a domino effect – each part leaning on the others, surviving through togetherness.

When the pillar is attacked, even its marble cannot withstand the blow. But the web stretches and supports. Here, against all odds, shared strength wins.

Here you are safe.

3 thoughts on “Shared Strength

  1. Miss Natalie, that is beautiful! I just started facilitating a new grief group and know those words would be so meaningful to the members. May I have your permission to read it to them?


  2. Grateful for all of the pieces of the web.


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