#6: Frisson Espresso


  1. a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill.
    “a frisson of excitement”


The coffee shop is tiny, making the smell of espresso seem even more concentrated as the door swings open and warm air overpowers the outside chill. A few small tables, a crowded counter, and a compact window seating area keep everyone close within the brick walls.

Scurry to the counter. Sit. Sip at your warm, strong drink. Scurry, sit, sip. It happens over and over – sometimes with the variation of dropping the sit. People file in and out, most stay at least for a bit. It isn’t too crowded or too busy even though it is small. Perhaps a large mirror hung on one wall makes it seem like more than it really is. But probably not. Size should not be taken for granted here.

The strong espresso smell is an indicator of the richness of the drinks. The name does not oversell the place. With the first smooth and balanced taste the cappuccino does thrill – sending a warm buzz through me beneath my layers of clothes. It is just outside of the trap of Times Square, relevant for the area, but not loaded down with clamoring tourists.

Much like their drinks, Frisson is tasty (or rather, tasteful), uncomplicated, and completely satisfying. Breathe in the espresso-stained air, scurry, sit, and sip.


Frisson Espresso is located at 326 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

One thought on “#6: Frisson Espresso

  1. I can smell it!


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