#4: Kobrick Coffee Co.

The ever moving city of New York can often leave you needing to sit and rest. The stimulation of the movement and the lights and all of the people can be taxing. Seeing some of the best art, performances, and architecture around can lead to exhaustion. Simply being in one of the greatest cities in the world can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Should this be the case, Kobrick Coffee Company can be the answer. Tucked away in Chelsea – just blocks from the new Whitney building – it is an excellent option for a place to stop and pause time for a bit. The dimly lit space, though rather crowded with tables and bodies and music, is a nice reprieve. It gives you a chance to stop and sit for a while, to absorb all that you have done and seen, or to just take a minute to breathe. Their menu offers not only standard coffee and espresso items, but also some unique tea flavors, a full bar, and small plates to refuel the busy traveler.

In my case, this site offered itself as a stopping point to digest a full day of gallery shows in the Chelsea area and beyond. After a day of art, this coffee shop was an extension of the experience of the day – offering a relaxed but tuned-in vibe which was the perfect follow up, and exemplified the tone of Chelsea itself.

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