People are each one of billions of little magnets – slowly attracting and repelling.

Over time we collide. Crash. Collapse onto and into and over one another. We are constantly buzzing. Thrumming. Always vibrating closer and further – trying to stabilize ourselves among those around us.

We make little networks: excited areas of immediate and remote. Pulling and holding until some stronger or simply other force comes along and tugs, alters. We adjust.

We are full of things that draw people in.

Each of our hearts has its own tiny electromagnetic field. Among those other humming heart-magnets we settle in. We get caught. We get lost. We find love.

Among those beautiful attractions we come home.

4 thoughts on “Magnets

  1. Your words are always so compelling and beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Had a good weekend then, eh?


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